Gourmet Meal Delivery

Have gourmet meals delivered to your door!

Each meal consists of 2 mouth-watering courses prepared by our chef for just £25.00/pp per night. Enjoy your holiday, avoid long supermarket queues and expensive restaurant bills and let us do the rest… Using beautiful fresh ingredients, these meals arrive in disposable baking tins, so all you have to do is pop it in the oven at the time and temperature indicated (there's no scrubbing pots after, simply bin the container). The portions are generous and extremely tasty!

New to this Winter season - your meals are now delivered in an 100% electric vehicle. We care about protecting our mountains and your holidays, so want to do what we can to cut emmisions. 

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This is our menu for Winter 23/24, which will be based on fresh seasonal ingrediants. 
Sunday roast: succulent roast pork with apple sauce and gravy.
Served with roasted potatoes, carrots, brussel sprouts and peas
Veg: Confit garlic and nut roast
Hot apple & blueberry pie with thick rich custard
Tender and aromatic lamb & spinach Korma curry.
Served with lemon & coriander Basmati rice & turmeric-buttered cauliflower
Veg: Aromatic parsnip, green bean & spinach Korma curry.
Cointreau Brioche & Butter pudding with orange & vanilla ice cream
Hearty chicken, leek & thyme pie.
Served with buttery mash potato, carrots and beans
Veg: Hearty mushroom, leek & thyme pie.
Sticky toffee pudding (oh man!) with vanilla crème fraîche
Probably the greatest beef, pumpkin & spinach Lasagne al Forno you'll ever
eat. Probably. Served with sundried tomato & garlic bread and a huge fresh salad with
walnut dressing
Veg: Probably the greatest roast aubergine, pumpkin & spinach Lasagne al
Forno you'll ever eat. Probably.
Baked lemon tart with creme anglaise
Hearty beef, bacon & mushroom bourguignon. Served with baked potatoes,
almond-butter broccoli and honeyed carrots
Veg: Hearty celeriac & mushroom bourguignon.
Apple & rhubarb crumble with rhubarb & vanilla ice cream
A taste of Thailand: Rich chicken, potato and green bean massaman curry. Served with 
coriander & lime, jasmine rice & a crunchy Thai salad with peanut dressing.
Veg option: Tofu, potato & green bean massaman curry. 
Warm pineapple & coconut frangipane tart with pineapple & coconut icecream
Confit de Canard with creamy Tartiflette and a huge fresh salad
Veg: Pumpkin, spinach and blue cheese filo parcel
Chocolate & raspberry torte with raspberry sorbet


*advance booking is advised


Breakfast Pack - Whether you want to get on the slopes as quickly as possible or you arrive into resort late at night, this is the perfect solution. A starter pack of food which will be in your property on your arrival and will include items such as butter, jam, a sliced loaf, milk, cereal and a selection of fruit. This will make for a relaxing first morning and ensure you are well fueled for your day ahead! Cost = £20/€25 per person.  (Please note this is not a daily delivery service) 


Bon appétit!